Re-Imagining the Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIV)

The Osprey is a proprietary vascular access device that employs patent-pending through-the-needle catheter deployment which has never been available in a through-the-needle peripheral intravenous device before. 

Osprey is designed to protect the catheter from harmful skin flora during insertion, thereby inhibiting the potential growth of biofilm and subsequent bloodstream infections. SkyDance offers the only protected (from harmful skin bacteria) catheter delivery system. It's designed to minimize the risk of skin flora contacting the catheter by creating a physical barrier between the sterile catheter and the normal flora on and within the skin during insertion.  

The sterile catheter is safely housed within the access needle during the insertion process and deployed only when the targeted vein is reached. This barrier between the catheter and skin is designed to provide a reliable method to protect the vascular access device from skin flora.The unique positioning of the catheter within the needle is intended to also provide the benefit of a more accurate, less traumatic insertion.

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