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Advancing Toward the Expansion of Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infection Reporting to Include PIVs

There are an estimated 200 million PIVs placed per year in the United States. These catheters come with significant risks including hospital-acquired bloodstream infections. Recent studies show these infections occurring at an alarming rate. However, because of inconsistent coding and voluntary reporting, the fiscal and clinical impact on healthcare is likely larger than our current understanding. To begin to control these costs and create a safer patient environment it is expected that the Health and Human Services department of the CDC will mandate surveillance and reporting within the upcoming months. The full whitepaper is available for download here.

PIV related bloodstream infections pose a serious risk to hospitalized patients. These infections occur because a contaminant was introduced at some point during the use of the catheter. It is critical to understand the mode of contamination and the timing of the subsequent infection in order to formulate strategies to mitigate these risks. The full whitepaper is available for download here.

Clinical Summary

PIVs are an irreplaceable tool within intravenous therapy. They are the most commonly placed vascular access device in healthcare. However, the traditional PIV design of mounting a catheter over a needle leaves the catheter exposed to bacteria on and within the skin.  This bacteria contaminates the external surface of the catheter during insertion, matures on the catheter within the biofilm, and ultimately becomes large enough to break free and cause a bloodstream infection. To truly break this cycle, physical barriers must be in place to avoid catheter – skin contact during insertion. The Osprey by SkyDance Vascular is the only vascular access device to provide catheter protection during insertion. The full whitepaper is available for download here.


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