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SkyDance Vascular, Inc., founded in 2017, is working to re-imagine the Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIV). The Osprey catheter delivery system, to be launched in 2021, is expected to reduce the number of known complications that result from the traditional catheter design. Our patent-pending design brings with it four major improvements, including:

  • Skin Avoidance Technology™ as the catheter never touches the skin, minimizing the risk of becoming infected.
  • Bevel Only Technique™ so that the needle does not penetrate past the initial entry reducing the risk of Phlebitis and Infiltration.
  • Contoured Directional Flow™ designed to deliver fluids more efficiently while lowering the risk of both chemical and mechanical damage and providing more efficient medication delivery.
  • Passive Needle Retraction™ as the needle retracts back into the housing automatically so a clinician cannot get stuck.

SkyDance is comprised of industry veterans with the required expertise to develop, commercialize, and scale the business. The executive team has successful prior experience in selling startup businesses in the vascular access space, yielding large returns for the investors. Collective backgrounds span leading medical device, enterprise software, and vascular access organizations including St. Jude, C.R. Bard, Med- Comp, Medibuy.com, B. Braun, Vascular Pathways, Covidien, Lumitec, and Kimberly Clark.


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